Tiki Tiki Wallet

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The Tiki statues were carved to symbolize the importance of a particular mythical deity. Tiki statues were placed by Maori tribe members to mark the boundaries of sacred grounds. The statues were given the name of Tiki from the Maori name for the first human male

Laser engraved to perfection. Durable, bold, badass.
  • Expands to Accommodate Both 10 Cards and Bills
  • Ultra Slim 2.5mm Aviation Aluminum Alloy
  • RFID Wireless Blocking Shell
  • Built to last 

Laser Etched and Shipped From San Diego, California

Feel the quality and craftsmanship in your hands every time you reach for this wallet. Traditional wallets have worn down in our pockets for too long. The secure bands on either side keep your cards snug and stretch to accommodate 10 or more.

Lasts Forever, Keeps Cards Safe.

This robust money clip is crafted entirely from aviation quality aluminum effectively creating a barrier to block the transfer of sensitive data by wireless skimming thieves.

A Must-Have for Anyone Who Frequents Crowded Places.

This wallet is the perfect fit for either a front or back pocket and makes a bold statement.

Fast USPS Delivery.

CarbonKlip is expertly crafted with its robust matte black aluminum finish and one of a kind laser-etched design, making this wallet uniquely yours. 


In the palm of your hand


- Expands to Hold 10 or More Cards

- Ultra Slim

- No-Slip Tensioner

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