Our Story

Hey There! 

At CarbonKlip, we believe that making bold choices creates who we are. Straying away from trends and blazing your own unique path is what makes us different.


Different is good.


CarbonKlip was originally born as a fun project to make a cool looking wallet. After many “I want one” conversations, I decided to push this product to the next level.

After years of experimenting and research, we’ve developed a perfectly fitting proprietary laser etching process. Each image is forever engraved using a special type of laser, that is amazingly powerful and fun to work with.

Your wallet should express you, its reached for multiple times a day, and seen by others countless times a week. Leather is traditional and traditional is boring.

Let your wallet make a statement by selecting one of our best selling designs or submitting your own art for a piece that you will love to own.

Think big, strike up conversations, and be uniquely yourself.

That’s what CarbonKlip is all about.

Let our product be the one you reach for every day and you’ll be happy you did. Guaranteed.

Also, our 30 day return policy has absolutely no gimmicks, 100% free. If our product is not what you’re looking for, mail it back with our prepaid label. Send us an email and I will personally respond.

Keep doing you,


-Tim G.