So you'd like to create your own customized money clip? You've come to the right place. Here's how it works:

We can engrave most black and white graphics for businesses or individuals.

We happily accept any unique graphics such as your company logo or your own art. However, we are unable to recreate trademarked logos or works.


custom engraved aluminum wallets

We can work with:

Your company logo

Designs you've created

Designs we have written permission to use

Graphics labeled okay for resale

We are unable to work with:

Copyrighted or trademarked logos, brand names, or images. This includes but is not limited to:

Sports Team Logos

Car Emblems

Brand Logos.

What's it cost?

Custom orders are priced at $45

Orders where each wallet is unique such as a group logo with individual names of members or personalized gamer tags are an additional $5 each.

File Types:

SVG, PNG, and AI (Illustrator) are the best file types to send your image; however, larger JPEG files can also work as long as the image is large at least 1000X1000px

How to send files:

Since each customer is unique, we recommend sending us an email at with your attached image. From there, we will send you a picture or a "proof" that will show the placement of your design. From there, adjustments can be made, or the order can be approved, lasered, and sent out.

General Questions:

Any general questions can be submitted quickly using the form below. Expect a response within 2 business days.